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Oxford Schools - KG Section 2023


Oxford School puts extra effort on early childhood education that is why the School children have distinguishable personalities and knowledge.

Our Kindergarten helps young children adjust to being apart from their parents without anxiety. 

For many children, kindergarten is their first experience with formal education. It may be their first opportunity to play and socialize with other children on a regular basis and in a safe environment.

Children learn through play and fun. They are provided with a well-structured environment that enables them to become more independent and secure whilst benefiting from play activities and social interactions which they would not normally encounter at home.

Children are thus helped to mature both physically and emotionally through developing basic skills which provide them with firm grounding that is necessary to ensure a smooth transition to the primary stage. K.G. teachers can help their new pupils adjust to their new setting by creating and implementing an easy-to-follow organization system.

The curriculum is delivered through establishing learning stations. Instead of keeping students in one location all day, they are allowed to move about from station to station as they learn about different topics.

These learning stations include: cubes station, art station and discovery station. The learning stations are equipped with educational toys and materials, children's books and teacher developed materials.

The Kindergarten Structure:

Oxford Kindergarten is divided into two levels,

  •     K.G (1) only accommodates 4 years old children
  •     K.G (2) only accommodates 5 years old children. 

Classrooms can cater for 20 children. Each room is designed to be colorful and engaging, providing children with numerous toys, games and resources to stimulate and foster a love for exploration and learning in them. Beyond the standard classrooms, the campus features:

  • Drama corner
  • Computer lab
  • Smart board classes
  • Physical education room
  • Cafeteria, Cooking and dining area
  • Outdoor play area with a play set, swings, and other child-friendly equipment, all of which designed for safety and fun


The faculty of Oxford Kindergarten is specialized in early childhood or kindergarten education. Each classroom pairs a teacher with an experienced assistant teacher; most of them are bilingual and work with the English component of the Kindergarten program. 

The K.G. program is based on play and fun aiming at developing the children's sense of personal responsibility, and enriching their life experiences. Play is usually undertaken within a physical and social space.

One of the greatest benefits of playing is to assist with the development of social competence. Children can build relationships, negotiate and regulate their behaviors. Playing is a known stress release; it is often linked to child wellbeing. Apart from the indoor activities, the school, every now and then, organizes community field trips to help promote the children's social development and broaden their minds. There is also a T.V. room where children can watch cartoons and various educational and entertainment programs. Our motto is "learn something new through play and fun".


The Kindergarten Section Fees for 2024/2025

Grade Fees(JD) Payment
KG1 1545 1st : 540
2nd: 540
3rd : 465
KG2 1635 1st : 570
2nd: 570
3rd : 495
KG1 +* 2345 1st : 820
2nd: 820
3rd : 705
KG2 +* 2540 1st : 890
2nd: 890
3rd : 760

* (Additional Subjects)

  • Accident Insurance (100) JD
  • Registration Fees (100) JD
  • Registration Fees * (150) JD
  • Technology (100) JD
  • Graduation (100) JD
Date Of Payment