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Message from the General Director

In the Name of God Most Gracious Most Merciful, it is my pleasure to welcome you to Oxford Schools. As the Head Principal of the Schools I have come to realize what a special place the Schools are.

Oxford Schools take pride in continuously providing Jordan with their precious graduates who are fully committed and honored to contribute in building their country and reflect their allegiance to their beloved leader and belonging to their homeland. Our graduates are empowered with the knowledge and sense of responsibility that will enable them to be effective citizens and lifelong learners. They are well equipped to play a significant role in the enlightenment of the domestic and regional communities.

Scrutiny of our educational institution will, with pride and dignity, reveal the Schools leading advancement in education.

Educational progress based on our Schools devotion to provide quality education in a unique educational environment has been conspicuous in all aspects of schooling and learning at our Schools.

Curricula at Oxford Schools have undergone considerable updating and redesign in response to the teachers’ feedback and students needs. The Schools are honored to offer the British IGCSE program and are as well accredited by The Advanced Association and Commissions to offer the American High School Diploma program. Educational growth and development can also be seen in the Schools outstanding Kindergarten, the coeducational Primary School, the Boys and Girls Schools which provide peerless teaching in both of their streams; the Science Stream and the Information Management Stream.

If education is about knowledge, then sports must be about confidence and fitness. Success in the real world requires both. Therefore, and out of the Administration’s deep conviction of the importance of sports and outdoor activities; the Schools have endeavored to update their sports facilities and turf playgrounds to ensure that students practice their hobbies comfortably and safely. The Schools have a gymnasium containing swimming pools, built based on the international standards and all types of playgrounds for all kinds of sports; the athletics and the delicate for girls.

In addition, the Schools have a number of libraries that house thousands of books and references in all domains of knowledge. All facilities have been built to reflect the Schools’ dedication to their social mission to build a generation with a strong national identity, that keep abreast with the emerging technology of the third millennium and build a Jordan that can compete in the global economy and era of knowledge explosion with other countries for the highest positions . The Schools have made great effort to provide their students with high quality education and skills on demand in today’s labor market.

Our teachers are skilled at what they do. They are highly qualified, experienced and committed to their profession, they have good rapport with their students and are always enthusiastic to use a variety of teaching strategies.

In response to His Majesty’s vision for well-educated generations capable of outstanding performance in a safe and caring environment, the Schools have become a safe haven for students. Our students relish paternal care from their teachers and cutting-edge teaching methods that put the student at the center of the teaching-learning process.

Allow me at the end of my word to pray that our Schools remain unique in education and technology applications under His Majesty’s king Abdullah II wise and sincere leadership

Head Principal,

Rabab Al-Sabbagh.